University of Kentucky College of Law

About This Project

The Pulse Group was retained by the University of Kentucky College of Law to provide market research and branding consulting services to create a unified marketing strategy and brand to better position the UK College of Law in a saturated market.

Specifically our work entailed conducting:

  • Competitive law school research to profile the competitive landscape and identify potential areas of whitespace opportunities.
  • Qualitative research including personal, telephone and focus groups among current students, faculty, staff, community leaders, alumni and prospective students to assess the UK College of Law’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Qualitative research (online survey) among a representative sample of current and prospective students, alumni, faculty and staff to measure opinions and assess potential branding and positioning strategies.
  • Brand platform workshop to communicate, discuss and strategize potential brand platforms.
  • Develop and document a unified brand platform and strategy that would competitively differentiate and attract prospective students to the UK College of Law.

Strategic Marketing & Branding Research

Higher Education, Marketing & Branding