University of Connecticut

About This Project

The University of Connecticut dining services group retained Pulse Group professionals to assist them in evaluating the privatization of their campus foodservice operations. As part of this assessment, we used a series of focus groups to solicit input from students and faculty on a number of different issues related to dining and catering, including: user habits and patterns, quality, satisfaction, pricing, accessibility, efficiency and menuing. As part of the focus groups, we also tested a range of alternative operating formats, delivery systems and services. Based on information derived from the qualitative research undertaken, we made a number of recommendations, as to how the UCONN’s foodservice operations could be improved, addressing issues such as: operating formats, delivery systems, service, menuing, presentation, technology and training. Our work also included an evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks of privatization and was a key factor in the University’s decision not to privatize its operations.


Evaluation of Self-Operating vs. Outsourced Contracted Services for Dining

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