Tufts University

About This Project

The Pulse Group currently serves as the hospitality consultant to Tufts University and over the past 18 months have completed five assignments. Our initial assignment was to provide strategic direction/guidance for existing campus retail operations. Our work entailed meeting with stakeholder groups including faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students to assess expectations and satisfaction with the current retail offerings, operational and financial review of all retail operations, benchmarking retail operations on key “target issues” against other peer college and universities, conducting focus groups and an online survey to measure satisfaction and develop service level gap analyses and finally, developing strategic and tactical recommendations aimed at positioning Tufts retail operations for the future. Other pertinent assignments include an evaluation of contract vs. self-operations of all foodservice on the Tufts Health Science campus which include retail, catering and a self-service market.


Retail Planning, Concept Development, Operational Review of Contract Operations

Higher Education