Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines

About This Project

Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines (SGTP) retained The Pulse Group to assist them in evaluating the service and amenity package offered at the property and in the development of strategies to enhance guests/meeting planners perception of rate value and the property’s overall utilization. As part of our work we designed a series of questionnaires and conducted more than 200 interviews with meeting planners and corporate/leisure guests. The interviews focused on hotel selection criteria, the relative importance of various amenities and facilities in the selection process, expectations about luxury hotels and tested various elements of SGTP’s service and amenity package against price sensitivity. Our work provided SGTP with an in-depth understanding of methods by which they could structure their amenity and service package to achieve greater guest satisfaction and stronger utilization.


Survey Research with Guests and Meeting Planners

Hospitality & Tourism