Jiffy Lube / MMB Advertising

About This Project

Jiffy Lube in conjunction with its advertising agency, MMB, retained The Pulse Group to conduct focus groups in four different markets to evaluate three different Jiffy Lube advertising campaigns Specifically, the key objectives of the research were to: assess overall likeability of each of the three different advertising campaigns, with the goal of recommending which campaign should be selected for actual production and distribution; measure each of the three different campaigns in terms of motivating consumers towards trial and/or increase utilization of Jiffy Lube; and, identify key messaging/communication points that have either positive or negative impacts on motivating trial and utilization as well as overall impact on Jiffy Lube as a brand. As a result of the research Jiffy Lube was able to select the campaign that most effectively increased utilization and had a positive impact on the overall brand. In addition to our campaign research, we also conducted an advertising awareness research program nationally to measure the impact of the advertising on consumer perceptions and usage of Jiffy Lube.


Campaign Evaluation and Execution Testing

Marketing & Branding