Grill Concepts “The Daily Grill”

About This Project

The Pulse Group was retained by Grill Concepts, Inc., to assist them in profiling customers who patronize Daily Grill restaurants on a frequent or occasional basis.  In addition, residents and office workers located within Daily Grill trade areas who had never dined at a Daily Grill restaurant were also profiled.  As part of our work we conducted approximately 500 telephone interviews with the consumer segments mentioned discussing their perceptions of the Daily Grill concept, their frequency of dining at the Daily Grill, their patronage of dining at other non-fast food restaurants, reasons for their patronage at a particular restaurant and key demographic information. In addition to the survey research detailed economic, demographic and lifestyle information was compiled for each of the Daily Grill trade areas.  Based on our research and analyses, we isolated the “positive chemistry” and/or key market factors which contributed to the relative success of a given location or group of locations.  Using this information we developed strategic marketing recommendations to allow management to refine the existing restaurant concept, enhance its existing operations and create a detailed target area profile, which could be utilized to rollout the Daily Grill concept nationally.


Market Research and Strategic Planning

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