Equinox Fitness

About This Project

The Pulse Group was retained by Equinox (voted best gym in America by Fitness Magazine) to help them quantitatively assess the opportunity to grow the Equinox fitness club concept from an east coast to a west coast brand with an initial launch in the Los Angeles market, by better understanding their brand positioning/strengths and likelihood of membership among health club consumers in the LA market. Our scope of services entailed database profiling, qualitative focus groups and quantitative targeted telephone surveys. Our database analysis entailed development of a pyschographic and demographic profile of the New York Equinox customer be developed including overall membership, residential and corporate. Specifically, we appended one of 62 different lifestyle profiles to the current customer database as well as other key demographic information including household income category, household size, median age, etc. The profile that was developed indexed their core customers to both the New York market area as well as to the potential in the Los Angeles market area. The profile was used to target specific consumers who were recruited for focus group sessions as well as those included in the telephone research with over 300 Los Angeles targeted consumers. Our analysis allowed us to profile the Los Angeles market area in terms of consumers who have the highest potential of becoming an Equinox club member. Additionally, we determined whether the LA potential Equinox club member matched the profile of the New York Equinox club member or whether there are other segments, which show potential. Using the data, we mapped the areas, including zip code, in Los Angeles that represented the highest concentration of potential Equinox consumers to allow for site selection.


Brand Expansion Study

Corporate, Recreation & Leisure