City of Huntington Beach, California

About This Project

The Pulse Group has completed at least five major projects for the City of Huntington Beach over the last 10 years, involving the development and financing of public facilities associated with recreation and community services. In 2003, The Pulse Group completed the City’s strategic master-plan for parks recreation. As part of this assignment, we completed an in depth evaluation of the existing portfolio of facilities and conducted more than 15 focus groups and 700 survey interviews with interest groups, residents and businesses. In addition, we researched current best practices nationally with respect to public/private financing options for the development and rehabilitation of recreation and community service related facilities, prepared a ten year financial analysis of estimated financial results for the portfolio and made a series of recommendations for changes to the City’s public policy with respect to funding recreation and service infrastructure projects. Our report/financial model were utilized as support for about $50 million in public financing. Aside from completion of the City’s strategic plan, we have also conducted comprehensive studies on behalf of the City involving: a multi-agency tactical training facility (police/fire), an integrated senior/community service center, a pier redevelopment program and a waterfront redevelopment program. For each of these projects, we worked closely with multiple departments within the City to examine the potential for new/rehabilitated facilities and provided detailed market analyses/best practices research, financial analysis, community outreach and public policy development related services.


Strategic Planning for Development of Community Facilities

Communities & Non-Profit