California State University – Long Beach

About This Project

The Pulse Group was retained by California State University — Long Beach (CSULB) to assist them by conducting an operational review of their retail foodservice operations and developing a strategic plan for future development of retail related facilities. As part of the project, we interviewed management personnel, reviewed the historical operating performance of each unit, conducted a detailed evaluation of facilities/equipment and examined typically weekly sales transactions/patterns. In addition, we conducted 8 focus groups, with various segments of the campus community and used the feedback to construct an Internet survey, which yielded responses from nearly 2100 persons. Based on the results of our on-site investigations, focus group research and survey research, we made a number of detailed recommendations for enhancing customer satisfaction, renovating/repositioning existing concepts, developing new concepts and revising operating formats/services to enhance efficiency/profitability.


Operational Review and Strategic Planning for Retail Operations

Higher Education