Bugaboo / 72andSUNNY

About This Project

The Pulse Group was retained by Bugaboo and its advertising agency, 72andSunny, to assess attitude and awareness of the Bugaboo brand both nationally and internationally. Included in our research were studies aimed at current Bugaboo customers, non-customers within the target market and general market populations. The research was conducted via the Internet and included separate country studies in the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Spain. As a result of our work, Bugaboo and its agency have been able to assess brand perceptions, profile customers to identify lifestyle and product features that would positively motivate the target market to purchase a Bugaboo stroller and identify future products that Bugaboo could develop that would enhance the product line and overall brand strength. Pulse provided comprehensive services including research method and approach, questionnaire development, translation, Internet programming and fielding as well as all data analysis and management reporting. In total over 2,000 surveys were conducted in four different languages (German, Dutch, Spanish and English).


Attitude and Awareness Tracking Studies