Aladin Casino & Mega Entertainment

About This Project

MEGA Entertainment retained The Pulse Group to assist them in developing a redevelopment concept plan for the Aladdin Theater in Las Vegas, to accommodate major Broadway productions and large-scale international musical entertainment. Our objectives included providing the developer with a more detailed understanding of facility requirements and assessing the level of market demand for this type of entertainment. During the engagement we examined the operating and physical characteristics of similar facilities nationally and conducted more than 300 in-depth telephone interviews with Las Vegas residents and tourists. Survey research focused habits, patterns and trends with respect to live entertainment, likelihood of using of the new facility, reactions to potential physical elements of the new concept and event pricing.  Based on our work we were able to estimate demand for the type of productions being considered, as well as profile the target audience, to whom the concept had its greatest appeal. We also provided the developer with a number of physical and operational recommendations with respect to renovation design and service elements.


Market Analysis for Performing Arts and Entertainment

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