The Pulse Group is a market research, strategic planning and operational consulting firm that helps higher education, community, institutional and corporate clients gain market insights and develop practical growth, positioning, and branding strategies for their food, hospitality, retail, tourism, recreation, leisure and brand assets.

We use customer, business and economic information together with competitive market intelligence, to identify the market potential for new or enhanced products, services and facilities. We are experts in competitive intelligence techniques, investigating industry best practices and evaluating demographic/financial data. Our projects normally involve in-depth market research using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Since we started The Pulse Group in 1994, we have used our market research, strategic planning and operational consulting skills to help create or refine a nationally recognized portfolio of award-winning concepts that are economically sustainable and generate high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Pulse Group University Dining Service Operator Overview


Contract or self-operation? The current dining model has been disrupted for both self-operated and contract. What are the key factors to consider?

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