The Pulse Group, Integrated Resources - Concept to Completion

The Pulse Group is a market research, economic consulting, and strategic planning firm

We use customer, business, and economic information together with competitive market intelligence, to provide our clients with practical growth, positioning, development and financial strategies.

We regularly work with clients to identify the market potential for various products, services and facilities. We are experts in competitive intelligence techniques, investigating industry best practices and evaluating demographic / economic data. Our projects normally involve in-depth survey research with customers and users, using a variety of methods.

In many cases we are asked to undertake financial analyses designed to test the economic viability of proposed projects or provide specific recommendations with respect to target markets, key features, pricing, sales performance and effective marketing/advertising strategies.

We take great pride in the fact that since this company began in 1994, we have used our skills in research and planning to help create or refine more than one-hundred new products, generate significantly higher levels of customer satisfaction for a wide range of services and help guide the design programs of several world-class facilities.
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